I love bridges. I’m from Istanbul.

In this website you will find some detailed information about me as an actor who also teaches acting, coaches executives, directs and writes plays and creates projects.

In this blog you can follow what I am up to. No need to explain that I know! Just trying to show my hospitality in here as a Turkish woman…

These days I am up to finishing the second draft of a new play/project called GENIUS (by Chopin). It is a theatrical concert on Frederic Chopin, the composer and his genius, as well as the genius hidden in many of us. Let me give you the link for this special project that will premiere in NYC in October : www.geniusbychopin.wordpress.com – Yes, I love wordpress! – and yes, the piece will be performed in New York City. Because I live in New York City for 5 years now, enjoying burgers and bagels, boiling summers with clammy subway stations. I also enjoy walking around with a cup of coffee in my hand, that’s very New Yorker, I haven’t seen anyone sipping coffee while walking in Istanbul. In Turkey we like to take our time, especially with food. Well, I’m trying to find a mid-way. Told you, I love bridges!

Will keep you posted!


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